COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Caleb Clark of Washington, D.C. learned the real meaning of “this will not hurt” as a toddler during his first few trips to the dentist and his witty account not only drew chuckles at the 7th Annual Scholastic Olympics on May 7 but 1st place in the speech competition.
“Why does the dentist say ‘this won’t hurt,’” asked the 16-year-old homeschooled Clark, who is affiliated with the Garrett Morgan Math and Science Academy, “…needles cause excruciating pain?”
He concluded: “ The reason dentists say ‘this will not hurt’ is because they are never in pain. They are just talking to themselves within earshot of us patients.”

Clark won $500 and a gold medal for 1st place, beating out Eleanor Roosevelt High School seniors Jordan Epps and Dagmawi Sirak. Epps came in 2nd for the silver medal and$300, while Sirak won 3rd, $200 and a bronze medal. [READ MORE]